Boyfriend releases individual concept photos for Hyunseong and Jungmin

The final two members’ concept photos for Boyfriend‘s upcoming return to the music industry have been released on February 26th, revealing their unique outfits.

Looking slick in his checkered penguin suit, Hyunseong gives a sexy stare viewers as his charisma completely pours out in this simple teaser. With a transformed light hair style flipped over to the side, Hyunseong takes his matching cane behind his neck to hold.

On the other hand, Jungmin wears an overly large hat on his head, an even larger feathered boa springing from the top. Sitting comfortably on a single leather chair, the Boyfriend member holds a black toy soldier in his lap. Jungmin seems to be dressed similarly to the toy soldier, his own jacket decorated in the same way.

Boyfriend will be releasing their 4th mini-album — currently unnamed — on March 5th.