Boyfriend releases second set of teasers ft. Donghyun and Minwoo

On February 24th, Boyfriend has dropped their second set of teasers for their upcoming comeback, this time featuring Donghyun and Minwoo!

After releasing their first set of teasers featuring the twins, Youngmin and Kwangmin, Boyfriend unveils the next two image teasers in a similar video fashion.

In the first image, Donghyun is seen sitting on a leather chair, casually gazing into the camera as he is dressed in buttoned vintage jacket, which perfectly matches his up-styled pink hair. Curiously, he is holding a stopwatch in his right hand, and is wearing an eye-shaped earring on his left ear.

In the second image, silver-haired Minwoo sharply stares into the camera. Attired in a plaid jacket with a matching top hat, his detailed style is impeccable as his red neck scarf and rabbit handkerchief both fit in well with his checkered shirt.

The video below, set in a card-like scenario similar to the first teaser, has two cards flipped over showing the boys’ album images.

Boyfriend will be releasing their 4th mini-album — currently unnamed — on March 5th. Stay tuned to Koreaboo as more information is released!

Source: Facebook