Boyfriend reveals “The Look” fashion film ft. Kwangmin

In a collaboration video with CustomellowBoyfriend’s Kwangmin suits up for a photo shoot with the brand’s clothing for The Look fashion film.

After releasing the individual videos for members Jeongmin, Donghyun, and Hyunseong, Starship Entertainment recently released the video for Kwangmin. Collaborating with the clothing brand Customellow, Kwangmin suits up for a dreamy fashion film video for The Look.

Posing with a bouquet of flowers, Kwangmin shows a charming aspect of his personality as he displays innocent poses throughout his video. The short film flashes between color and black and white in order to create an elegant style.

At the end of the clip, Kwangmin’s voice can be heard whispering,  “You are the heroes. Customellow…and we are Boyfriend,” just as the other members had in their own individual videos.

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