Boyfriend reveals “The Look” fashion film with Youngmin

After releasing The Look fashion film for Boyfriend’s Minwoo in December, Boyfriend released The Look fashion film for the vocalist and dancer, Youngmin

The short fashion film revealed the Boyfriend member clothed in a classic suit as he posed with his steady gaze while holding a flower. Youngmin’s fashion film continued to showcase the singer as he stood in front of a grey background while saying, “You are heroes, Customellow, and we are Boyfriend.

The Look fashion films are part of a collaboration with fashion brand, Customellow. Previously, Boyfriend’s Minwoo, Kwangmin, Jeongmin, Donghyun, and Hyunseong revealed their individual fashion films where the members were shown in classic and fashionable suits.

Meanwhile, Boyfriend recently performed in a Korea-China joint star concert on January 3rd which took place at the Master Card Center in Beijing. The six member group also performed with label-mate SISTAR as well as Chinese artists 0086 and Jin Zenan.