Boyfriend reveals special “Witch” MV featuring scenes from “Wolves”

After releasing Boyfriend‘s “Witch“, StarshipTV reveals a special version of their music video, featuring scenes from upcoming movie Wolves.

Released on November 7th, Boyfriend and Wolves join forces for this special music video of Boyfriend’s title track “Witch.” Combining clips from both the original “Witch” music video and Wolves, this special version highlights the “werewolf” vibe exerted from both parties. This video rises in intensity as Boyfriend’s song plays in the background, hitting its peak when both teams are engaged in dire fight scenes.

Wolves, directed by David Hayer, revolves around the story of Cayden Richards, a teenager who was forced to leave his hometown after the death of his parents. Wandering about, Cayden stumbles upon an isolated town, where he encounters a rough gang and begins to discover the truth about his ancestry. Now lies the question: who’s hunting whom?

Wolves will hit theaters in Korea on November 13th.

On the other hand, Boyfriend has released their “White Out” music video, and the members are currently preparing for their first solo concert Bewitch.