Boyfriend shows fans how to “Bounce” in new MV

After teasing fans with an eerie music video teaser on March 4th, Starship Entertainment male group Boyfriend finally released the music video for their much-anticipated comeback track “Bounce” on March 9th.

As seen in the video teaser, the boys portrayed a dark and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland for the title track of their fourth mini-album Wonderland. The theme of the music video focused heavily on group’s signature dark red and black colors, which contrasted with the pure and light appearance of the female lead in the video.

Despite the cryptic look of the set and lighting, however, the energy and fast tempo of the track created a rather action-packed video. In addition to the catchy chorus of the song, the boys’ smooth and energetic dance definitely made for a powerful performance.

Make sure to check out the fierce and creative music video for Boyfriend’s “Bounce” below!