Boys Republic covers BEAST’s “12:30” on MBC’s “ShimShimTaPa”

On December 30th, MBC released a video featuring Universal Music group Boys Republic performing a live cover of BEAST‘s latest hit, “12:30.” 

The five-member group’s rendition of the song was performed on the December 27th broadcast of MBC’s ShimShimTaPa radio show and featured the boys standing in front of microphones in the show’s signature recording room.

12:30” is a difficult track to sing, but the boys were able to put on a wonderful performance, showing impressive vocal range and power. In their rendition of BEAST’s most recent comeback title track, Boys Republic also displayed great group chemistry as their voices complemented each other and as a result were able to convey the powerful emotions expressed in the lyrics of “12:30.”

Fans reacted positively to the group’s rendition of the song and complimented the group on their voices and hard work. Reactions to the video included comments such as “Boys Republic did a really good job! I’m proud to be their fan! :D,” as well as “Woah I’m really impressed!!” and “Wow. That was so good it left me with no words.

Make sure to check out Boys Republic’s cover of BEAST’s “12:30” below!