Boys Republic releases individual teasers for Su Woong and One Junn

After Boys Republic announced their comeback, they released the individual teasers for members Su Woong and OneJunn

Surrounded by a field of grass and trees, Su Woong is seen reading a book while posing with his finger gently resting on his lips, appearing as he was thinking. One Junn posed in a similar setting, however, he is dressed in black and holds a bouquet of white roses near his face.

Boys Republic is schedule to make their comeback with their 4th single “Hello” on June 5th as well as release the acoustic and instrumental version of the single.

Meanwhile, Boys Republic released the music video for “The Real One” in November of 2014 where they showcased both their modern and classic side. In addition to the music video, they also released the “microscopic” version of the music video.