Brave Brothers to collaborate with American rapper YG

Hit South Korean music producer Brave Brothers will be working with American rapper and CEO of Pu$haz Ink., YG,  to create an album for the upcoming year.

YG (birth name Keenan Jackson) had won Billboard’s rap album award on their 2014 Billboard This Year’s Best Top 10 and is well known for his hits “Toot It and Boot It” and “My Nigga.” Brave Entertainment announced the collaboration on December 15th, and a representative from the company stated, “The US and South Korean tycoons of the music industry have met. YG will also be soon making a visit to the Brave Entertainment building.”

This collaboration came into place because Brave Brothers wants to take a spin at producing for the foreign market. He has already made a name for himself in South Korea, producing hits for artists such as BIBBANG, HyunA, After School, Hyorin, 4Minute and more.

Brave Brothers has already met with popular US artists such as Nelly, Cee Lo Green, and Eric Bellinger, and has raised fans anticipations as to what other projects he has lined up for him in the coming year.

Brave Entertainment, which is founded by Brave Brothers himself, is also making a stronghold in Korea as it is expanding into the film industry as well and has signed actors such as Kim Sa Rang and Jung Man Sik.

Damuer Leffridge, managing partner of Popular Entertainment Group, has posted various pictures on his Instagram of Brave Brothers in the United States, showcasing the various people he has been talking to and raising excitement for the works to come between the U.S. and South Korea.




Source: Yonhap News