Brave Brothers releases surprise 10th anniversary project single “Morning Noon Evening”

In light of his 10th anniversary of debuting, famous South Korean singer-songwriter, Brave Brothers, has just released his newest single, “Morning Noon Evening”, featuring singer-songwriting duo GALACTIKA and solo artist and composer Maboos.

On March 13th, Kang Dong Chul, or more commonly known as Brave Brothers, released a surprise single titled, “Morning Noon Evening”, as a project to celebrate the 10th year of his debut and the foundation of his agency, Brave Entertainment.

Brave Entertainment posted earlier on the 13th onto their official Twitter and Facebook accounts of the surprise song release, stating, “[#TrackRelease] In just a few moments at 12:00 in the afternoon, #BraveBrothers will be releasing his 8th single #MorningNoonEvening as a 10th anniversary project. Please show lots of love!! #BraveBrothers #MorningNoonEvening #Galactika #Maboos

Maboos, one of the artists under Brave Entertainment and also helped feature in the track, posted a screen capture onto his Instagram account of himself listening to the brand new single with the caption, “My boss just released a song. Everyone check it!! #BraveBrothers #CEO #10thAnniversary #Galactika #Maboos #BraveSound


Brave Brothers first debuted in 2005 as a singer-songwriter, with the following years peaking to his success as a well-known composer for many popular idol groups and hit songs such as BIG BANG with “Last Farewell”, U-Kiss‘s “Am I That Easy”, Lee Hyori‘s “U-Go-Girl”, Son Dam Bi‘s “Crazy”, Brown Eyed Girls‘ “How”, and many more.