Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment to debut new idol group 1PUNCH in 2015

Agencies Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment (DBE) will be introducing a new artist in the coming year, who will no doubt make quite an entrance into the music world of Korea.

1PUNCH is a new idol group that is jointly produced by the two agencies, and will be debuting some time in 2015.

A jazzy track mixed with hip-hop beats plays in the short announcement for the upcoming new artist, as the name 1PUNCH fizzles in and out. The video lasts a little over a minute long, and the track may even indicate the type of sound and genre the group will debuting with.

According to Brave Entertainment, 1PUNCH will be created with a concept after a 2015 model of the popular 90s group Seo Taiji and Boys.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo as more information is released!

Source: TV Report