BTOB finally claims recognition with first music show win since debut

BTOB members and fans alike are overwhelmed with feelings as the Kpop group finally received their first music show trophy three years after making their debut!

Making their debut in March 2012, BTOB had always been so near yet so far the winning spot on music shows, with their previous title track “It’s Okay” reaching only the second place on MBC Music Core. This time, the group finally reached a new milestone by winning with yet another ballad title track, “Way Back Home,” on MBC Show Champion.

BTOB faced strong competitors this week as contenders for the number one spot on Show Champion for October 21st included KyuhyuniKONZion. T, and Taeyeon. It is a breakthrough as iKON currently has four music show wins with “Rhythm Ta,” Taeyeon with claimed 4 wins for “I,” and Zion T. with “No Make Up”.

Besides winning with their vocal skills, the group has also shown much love for their fans, giving fans blankets to keep warm while they were lining up for an Inkigayo pre-recording last week at 5am. The group will also travel to Hong Kong in November to meet their fans through a solo concert.

Although Sungjae was not able to stand on stage with the other six members due to drama filming for SBS drama The Village: Achiara’s Secret, he addressed fans’ worries as he was absent for numerous music show performances. He tweeted, “Thank you very much and I am very sorry… I am thankful to everyone and after I finish my current drama, I’ll make sure there are no more stages with just 6 members. I’ll become a more hardworking singer Yook Sungjae. Thank you.”

Congratulations, BTOB!

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