BTOB goes on a spree with more teaser images for “Complete” comeback

Cube Entertainment has yet again released another wave of teaser images for BTOB’s comeback, due in less than two weeks!

With one new group image taken with a different backdrop, three unit images and individual photos for each member, BTOB was generous in sharing with fans a total of 11 new photos on June 20th. Befitting the concept for their ballad title track, none of the members showed any smiles towards the camera, but instead gave off a cool aura.

The new album’s tracklist revealed that the members, especially the rapper-line, have greatly participated in the production of this album. Other than that, group teasers and individual concept shots were already unveiled, one day after another, leaving fans no time to catch their breath. We can now expect them to release audio and music video teasers really soon.

The youngest member, Sungjae, has start his virtual marriage with Red Velvet‘s Joy through We Got Married.

BTOB’s 1st full studio album Complete, promoting “It’s Okay” as the title track, will be released on June 29th at midnight.