BTOB Ilhoon found to be the most at risk for lung cancer on KBS2’s “Vitamin”

BTOB’s Ilhoon was one of the many idols who appeared in the recent idol special episode of KBS2 variety program Vitamin, where they were each tested for cancerous genes. Ilhoon’s results were the most startling of all.

In the human body there are 33 genes that suppresses cancer and if more than 11 of them are methylized, that particular person is diagnosed to be developing cancer. Ilhoon’s results indicated he had seven out of the 33 genes methylized, and received  a warning. However, he was given a “Danger” diagnosis because the seven methylized genes are in correlation a specific type of cancer, lung cancer.

Professor Kim Hyun Mi, a domestic medical specialist, said, “Direct and indirect smoking are mains causes of  lung cancer, but an indoor lifestyle can increase your chances of developing lung cancer.”

When the professor asked what his life style was like he responded, “I spend most of my time in practice facilities underground and I don’t really take walks.”

After receiving his startling diagnosis, Ilhoon sent a video message to the president of Cube Entertainment stating, “Sir, I need an air conditioner, time for walks and a dorm with good air. Oh and our car is a bit old too.”

Recently, Cube Entertainment announced BTOB’s upcoming mini-album, The Winter’s Taleset to release December 22.

Source: MBN Star