BTOB and Legend show their support for each other

Despite signing under different entertainment companies, BTOB and Legend show off their close friendship as they support each other through their SNS accounts.

BTOB, who is under Cube Entertainment, made their debut in 2012, much earlier than Legend who just debuted in July this year under JK Space Entertainment. 4 out of 5 members in Legend were previously trainees under Cube! As a result, Roi, Ryu Jae Hyuk, Lito, and Lee Chang Sun of Legend share a close relationship with BTOB, as they have shared the same practice rooms before.

Legend has just made a comeback with new mini-album Out of my Mind on October 30th, while BTOB has just completed their first solo two-day concert on October 31st and November 1st.

When Legend made their comeback, BTOB’s Lee Min Hyuk and Jung Ilhoon tweeted their congratulations and asked fans to support their friends’ music as well.

Min Hyuk tweeted, “Legend! Let’s watch the music video together~~“, while Ilhoon tweeted, “Legend’s music video is out! Fighting!! kekeke

All of Legend also attended the first day of BTOB’s Hello Melody concert, as Listen joined the four ex-Cube trainees to watch their seniors perform. Jae Hyuk posted shots of them watching the concert, as well as of their good time spent when they reunited at the backstage of the concert.

Jae Hyuk captioned his first photo, “Eun Kwang hyung, Min Hyuk hyung, Chang Sub, Hyun Sik, Peniel, Ilhoon, and Sung Jae!! We came to watch the concert by BTOB seniors!!!! We will watch it well! #BTOB #BTOBCONCERT #LEGEND #Legend” and his second photo with “Our BTOB seniors are totally so cool~~ Well done to my older brothers and younger brothers. When we went together to watch a concert by BEAST seniors, we were still thinking when we would have the chance to have a stage like that. Finally, after some waiting time, you completed your solo concert handsomely! BTOB fighting!!! #BTOB #BTOBCONCERT #BTOB #backstage #LEGEND #Legend #FunBTOBConcert