BTOB “moves” and thanks fans for their first sucessful solo concert, “Hello, Melody”

After 2 years since their debut, BTOB finally received their chance to hold a solo concert, Hello, Melody, with their fans!

BTOB completed their very first solo concert in South Korea at Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall, spanning two days from October 31st to November 1st. During 150 minutes of the concert, the members performed live for a total of 26 songs, including solo and unit performances, as well as self-composed songs.

Besides inviting local South Korean fans to the show, the concert also attracted overseas fans from Asia, Europe, and America, where everyone became one as they waved their official BTOB “Slow Blue” lightsticks and sang along with the songs. BTOB performed their hit songs, including “WOW”, “Thriller”, their latest songs “You’re So Fly”, “Beep Beep”, and “Insane”.

BTOB also invited Ilhoon‘s older sister JOO as the concert’s special guest, while celebrity friends including Legend, Super Junior’s Ryeowook, U-KISS’ Kevin, and Baek Seung Heon went to show support at the concert.

After ending their first solo concert on a successful note, BTOB will be heading to Japan for their Japanese debut promotional activities in November.

BTOB at first solo concert "Hello, Melody"
Photo: OSEN

BTOB at first solo concert "Hello, Melody"
Photo: ilkan Sports

All seven members of BTOB were really sweet to their fans and expressed their thoughts and gratitude through their SNS accounts.

Leader Seo Eun Kwang: “Finally it’s our concert!!!!!! My heart is fluttering haha. Melodies see you at 8pm♡” and “Eunkwang’s post-concert account. Today I felt that I was alive thanks to Melodies. I was really happy too. And also, because I know I will be happy tomorrow as well, I feel really happy right now. Ah I’m happy~~~~~~

Lee Min Hyuk: “I love you Melodies. It’s from the bottom of my heart. It’s not a lie. I love you all.

Lee Chang Sub: “I love you. Be it in the past, now, or the future, I love you Melodies forever” and “Melodies whom I really love, let’s be together till the end. I love you all forever. Thanks a lot for staying by our sides. Be it in the past, now, or in the future, I love you ♥︎

Lim Hyun Sik: “From the bottom of my heart, I’m really thankful to everyone. Yesterday and today I had a happy time so I’m really thankful. I am really a blessed person! I love you all!


Jung Ilhoon: Finally the concert is over! T.T The past two days were like a dream. It is thanks to all Melodies that we were able to do this!!! I will work hard! I love you!

Yook Sung Jae:Melodies! I had a really great time at today’s concert haha! You know that I really really love you all right? Those who are coming to tomorrow’s concert as well, sleep well today and come to play tomorrow haha! Hallo Melloween~~♡” and “Melodies! I really really love you T.T Good night and let’s do it well starting tomorrow again!

Source: ilkan Sports