BTOB makes 180° transformation for comeback in late June

BTOB is revealed to have confirmed their comeback title track and to make their return in late June.

After previously revealing plans to release their full-length album this June, a more confirmed comeback schedule has been revealed.

If the comeback is confirmed, this will be their first full-length album after three years and three months into their debut. The previous six mini-albums released, BTOB managed to top music charts and became a strong contending act on music shows. The group has also extended their market in Japan, selling over 100,000 albums and ranking #2 on the Oricon charts in Japan.

Aiming for a late June comeback after all the hectic comeback plans by other companies with Girls’ Generation2PMSISTAR, and more, BTOB is currently going all out in their preparation for the final stages for the new album.

Youngest member Yook Sungjae has recently become a hot icon in the industry, starting from his appearance on MBC Real Men, KBS drama Who Are You – School 2015, MBC‘s King of Masked Singer and the most recent casting on We Got Married with Red Velvet‘s Joy.

BTOB has aroused anticipation from fans for their reported 180° transformation in the new album, as well as curiosity from potential fans how the group fares in singing since Sungjae mentioned on King of Masked Singer that he is just a sub-vocal despite his amazing performance.

Netizens have expressed their well wishes, hoping the comeback would do good to BTOB and perhaps even getting their first trophy this time round:

1. [+2599, -88] Yook Sungjae is going to be so busy….

2. [+2094, -113] Heol did you say ‘full-length album’?ㅠㅠ Be daebak!

3. [+1769, -102] BTOB be successful~~~~

4. [+1608, -120] BTOB’s song “Beep Beep” was good thoughㅋㅋ Please be successful!!!!!

5. [+1542, -103] Heolㅠㅠㅠㅠ Did you say ‘full-length album’? BTOB be daebak this time!!!! Really really want to get #1 tooㅠㅠ Melodies will make it to #1 this time!! Be it in the past, now, or future, I love you♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

6. [+259, -20] Many people only know Sungjae in BTOB, but they don’t know what kind of group they are. It’s really a talented group where each member is really as good as one anotherㅎㅎㅎ It would be great if they receive recognition for their many hidden talents using this chance with the new albumㅎㅎ This album be daebak!!

Source: OSEN

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