[★VIDEO] BTOB’s Minhyuk makes new history by breaking horse vaulting record on “Dream Team”

BTOB‘s athletic member Lee Minhyuk breaks all past records by jumping over 2.75m for Dream Team‘s Horse Vaulting challenge!

On December 14th’s broadcast of KBS variety show Let’s Go – Dream Team, the guests take on another round of horse vaulting challenge in this episode.

In Season 1 of the show back in 2009, actor Go Soo set the first record by jumping over 2.7m. Contenders tried to jump a higher height in later episodes, including SHINee’s Minho, ZE:A’s Dongjun, 2PM’s Junho, Park Jae Min, and Danny Ahn. Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu also managed to jump over 2.7m, but the record was left undefeated.

Despite his unimpressive height of 173cm, BTOB’s Minhyuk showed his sports inclination as he jumped over 2.75m in the episode, breaking a new record although the 0.05m difference might sound minute. The athletic-dol also wowed everyone with his capabilities and sportsmanship on his previous guesting on Dream Team, as well as on the annual Idol Sports Athletic Championships.

While he looked nervous before his attempt, he still succeeded, gaining cheers from his coach, fans, and fellow Dream Team members. While his teammates rushed forward to give him congratulatory hugs, Minhyuk himself also could not hide his joy with the achievement as an idol-singer.

To celebrate his new record, Minhyuk also updated his Twitter account with a special “Horse Vault King Cake” from Dream Team, thanking the production for their thoughtful present.