BTOB’s Sungjae stuns everyone with final performance on “King Of Masked Singer”

After much suspicion and gathering of evidence last week that BTOB member Yook Sungjae could be one of the contestants on MBC variety show King of Masked Singers, his appearance on the program has been confirmed this week.

Unfortunately, Sungjae did not pass the third round of the program and had to reveal his identity by taking off his Mr. Bee mask. Not only were the audience shocked to see his true identity, the panelists were also taken in by surprise.

B1A4‘s Sandeul, who was on the panel, expressed the most amount of praises for his fellow idol singer, enviously asking how many years did he practice to sound exactly the same as the original singer. Covering Kim Dong Ryul‘s “Thanks” for the third round, Sungjae revealed that Kim Dong Ryul is a very well-respected senior who helped him pave his way to being a singer since elementary school.

Besides his name trending on Naver, the official clip of his performance in this week’s episode invited more than 600,000 views in a day on Naver TV, a record breaking number.

Other contestants who lost on the show and had their identities revealed on the same episode include f(x)‘s Luna and SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun.