[★VIDEO] BTS Attempts To Dance Along To EXID, G-FRIEND And TWICE’s HIT Moves

BTS surely caught some attention attempting to cover a number of girl group dance moves during their recent fan meeting. 

On January 26th, fans have been circulating and commenting on a video that caught BTS dancing to EXID, Lovelyz, G-FRIEND and TWICE during their 2nd Muster fan meeting over the weekend.

The attempt was part of their short segment to entertain and interact with their fans where a wheel was turned to determine the song they will attempt to cover. The result was a medley of songs as the members randomly dance along to recent girl group hits causing laughter.

At some point, BTS got the loudest cheers for their adorable mastery for TWICE’s “OOH-AHH” and G-FRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu.”

This is not the first time that the members showcased their “girl group moves” having done so last year in Weekly Idol.