BTS complete their first solo concert in Korea

The Bangtan Boys finished their first solo concert “BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE 2: THE RED BULLET” at Seoul’s AX Korea over the weekend for over 50,00 screaming fans!

BTS held their concert over the weekend from October 17th to October 19th after announcing the addition of an extra concert day after their first round of tickets sold out in 5 minutes. At Seoul’s AX Korea, the boys performed for 24 of their best tracks for over two and a half hours including their well known hits, “Boy in Luv”, “Danger”, and “Just One Day”.

The group also performed a variety of of tracks off of their released albums and mini-albums including “Let Me Know” and “Tomorrow”, both composed by their talented rapper, Suga. The rap-line, Suga, Rap Monster, and J-Hope, performed “Cypher Pt 3: Killer”, while the vocal line performed “Outro”, whose chorus was written by the eldest member, Jin.

In an interview, the boys said, “Since before our debut, we never thought we would be actual singers until we held a solo concert and now that we have, we feel like we have become real singers, so we are very happy.”

Congratulations to BTS for a successful first solo concert!

Recently, member Jimin celebrated his 20th birthday. They will be returning to music show stages with their second track “Hormone War” off of their first full length album “Danger” starting this week. They will also embark on their first Asian tour to six different cities later this month!

Source: Star News