BTS members embarrassed by Rap Mon’s dancing

Rap Monster gave his fellow BTS members quite the shock with his impromptu dancing on the 229th episode of Weekly Idol.

Fans have been overjoyed with the recent comeback by the boy group who just released the second part to their The Most Beautiful Moment in Life album. Released with title track “Run,” the mini-album which hit the airwaves in late November has been much loved by fans.

However, it appears that the cool and wild image the boys portrayed in the music video was thrown out instantly as Rap Mon showed off his hilarious dance moves after prompting from the MCs.

While he was fully attentive and straight-faced throughout his short choreography, his fellow members behind him were hiding in shame and attempting to control their laughter as their leader flung around the sleeves to his cardigan while wiggling his legs and arms to the music.

Netizens were almost left speechless at the comedic dance, expressing they felt second-hand embarrassment for Rap Mon, BTS, and some other fans as well.

Take a look here: