BTS ranks 1st on various music charts with mini-album comeback

Following the release of their long-awaited comeback after eight months, BTS has achieved first on music charts and social media!

They had returned on April 29th with a music video that is described as a “movie date with their fans,” as reference to the unique plot – and no visible choreography – shown in the video. Focusing strictly on the plot and its hints to convey the message of the song, BTS’ track has instantly ranked high as a result.

Composer Bang Si Hyuk of Big Hit Entertainment had commented in regards to the group, “Our goal is to try achieving first place on music shows. We haven’t achieved this yet. Though we have experienced this through music chart rankings before, our goal is to chart well on live music shows through this album.”

In addition, “We have two promises that we wish to achieve once we get first place. One is that we want to reserve a whole theatre for the day and watch a movie with some fans. Another is that on the stage where they have achieved first, they wish to switch their positions in the song. An example would be a vocal trying to rap a rapper’s lines, or of that sort, as we believe it will be a good present for fans.”

Through their album and music video, it is said that BTS means to express the similarities the youth experience through a love that fades and a youthful season that blooms wonderfully but dries away, resonating with fans regardless of age.

BTS is thus garnering interest for hitting first on various social media platforms and portal sites, such as Genie, Daum Music, and Soribada, while reaching 10th on Melon, Bugs, and Naver Music.

Netizens have also left such comments as, “BTS’ comeback song is really good this time,” “I hope BTS’ comeback will do even better this time,” “May your comeback be daebak, BTS,” and more.

Source: Herald Pop (1 and 2) and SBS