BTS Rap Monster indirectly insults WINNER Song Minho

Netizens praise BTS Rap Monster for talking about rappers’ problems of insulting women and cussing.

In the recent season of Show Me The Money, rappers such as Black Nut and WINNER Song Minho aka Mino as his stage name were involved in hotly debated controversies. Black Nut was involved in a controversy over his past rap lyrics insulting women and talking about violence while Mino was criticized for offending fans and women when he was accused of objectifying and insulting women with lyrics:

“Mino sniping the girls. Spread your legs like you’re at the gynecologist.”

With many controversies within season 4 of Show Me The Money, many netizens and fans of hip-hop asked why rappers believe they have to constantly rap about objectifying women, cuss, and insult people.

But during the recent interview with Star Today, BTS Rap Monster indirectly insults such rappers who follow such beliefs.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens praise BTS Rap Monster for standing up for his own beliefs and insulting rappers who cuss and objectify women in their lyrics.

Titled “Rap Monster? I Really Think He Is Awesome,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“I randomly ran into Rap Monster’s interview with Star Today? Anyways, I ran into it but I really think he is such a good person… He really shows his true colors in good ways.

After the photo shoot, Rap Monster said, ‘Some rappers diss others or objectify women with crude words and hate claiming that it’s hip-hop. Hip-hop is free and open but at the same time it’s a very conservative culture as well. The general public needs to learn to embrace and respect the artists’ rights to express themselves, however, hate towards women is something that needs to be uprooted.’

I didn’t know how to paraphrase it so I copied the article. But I really think Rap Monster is up-right in his thoughts.. And after reading this article, I’ve become his fan hahahahaha

Rappers think they are rappers these days because they insult others and objectify women… I wasn’t even interested in BTS but I started to search them after searching from Rap Monster.. I think I’m considering becoming an ARMY haha

Haha how do I end this post..Rap Monster Fighting! Oh yeah, I didn’t know his face but he was in the preview for next week’s ‘Running Man’ hahahahahahahahahaa

I’m going to watch it yes yes. Okay, The end.”

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[ +80 / -2] I’ve always felt this but not as an idol but Kim Nam Joon as a person has a lot to offer for his fans… He always posts good things on Twitter, his own poems and his retweets make me rethink about my life.. When I was reading his fan letter during the beginning of his debut, I was touched by his tweet “When I look at all of my fans, it makes me think if I have loved someone with such true feelings and love It means that all of you are a better person than I am.” I cried reading this haha… He really knows how to think about even the smallest details and treat all of his fans with love. Our leader who has a lot of weight in his shoulder due to many dilemmas!!!! I’m proud of you!!

[ +57 / -1] I’m not a fan of BTS but I’m proud of him sometimes…. He wrote a rap in the position of a baby about to be aborted during his high school years, but it felt like he really thinks deeply… Rap Monster fighting!!

[ +53 / 0] “It is said that I’m fulfilling someone ARMY’s dreams if I become successful and fulfill my dreams. I want to be that person. I want to be ARMY’s dreams. I think that is my role. I’ll be a person who is better tomorrow than today and better two days from not than tomorrow. A leader who never disappoints and an artist who is awesome. I’ll become that type of Rap Monster. I love you all.” This is the letter he read after 100 days of debut to his fans.. I think BTS to ARMY aren’t just idols but people we could look up to and admire. ARMY will all agree that we all look back at our past mistakes and learn so much from the group.

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