BTS’ Rap Monster and Jin dance to Strawberry Milk’s “Ok!”

In one of the latest clips uploaded through BTS’ “BANGTANTV” YouTube channel, fans got to see Rap Monster and Jin dance cutely to Strawberry Milk’s “Ok!”.

In the short but hilarious clip, the two members are dressed in promotional outfits, apparently backstage of a performance as their earpieces and microphone sets can still be seen. Other members and crew members can be seen in the background of the video clip as the two stars of this show dance along to “Ok!”.

The two pairs of eyes are glued to the TV set as they mimic and learn the lighthearted, fun choreography of the upbeat track. Although their moves are slightly clumsy and off-beat, fans still show endless support for the BTS members as the rendition is still adorable. Perhaps it is exactly this casualness that makes the boys’ jumping up and down even sillier and more adorable.

The addition of a camera angle of the two from behind shows their concentration on the TV screen and the two even seem to improve as the track progresses!

Check out the cute video here:

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