BTS Rap Monster and Warren G collaborate in “Please Don’t Die (P.D.D)” MV

BTS member Rap Monster has released his collaboration track “Please Don’t Die (P.D.D)” with American hip-hop producer Warren G, sharing his hip-hop side with fans.

“P.D.D” is a chill track that will have your head bobbing as you listen to the smooth but raspy rap of Rap Monster.

The music video follows Rap Monster as he makes an arrival in Los Angeles through the LAX airport, proceeding to tour around the area as scenes of the BTS member recording his track in the recording studio periodically appear. The idol rapper is also viewed working closely with Warren G at the studio, the two seeming to be quite the team as they concentrate on their project.

Fans who have heard the song praised Rap Monster for his growth since his debut, sharing that his sense of hip-hop have indeed mature since then.

BTS and Warren G met during the group’s filming of their Mnet show American Hustle Life last year, and was reported to have helped the idol group prepare for their comeback album at the time as well.

Check out the track below: