BTS screams they’re having a “Hormone War” in new MV

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, has dropped a new music video for their latest song “Hormone War”!

After successful promotions with title track “Danger” from their first full-length album Dark & Wild, the 7 boys are back with a follow-up song “Hormone War”! Just like many of their previous songs, “Hormone War” is a very BTS-like song, a great dance song for them to show their moves and youthful selves.

As the title of the song suggests, the 7 boys sing about their manly hormones getting a boost as they meet a girl of their liking. The girl does not return the unrequited love to the boys, but the men do not stop their passionate love. Finally, at the end of the music video, the girl returns the love for member V with a hug, making the other members jealous.

The music video also films with a unique tonal filter, only capturing red colors and all other colors turn grayscale, signifying the “war” and perhaps also promoting their ongoing The Red Bullet solo concert. BTS also catered well to their international fans, adding subtitles with English lyrics to the song.

Just yesterday, BTS had also teased fans with concept photos for “Hormone War”.

After a successful kick-start of their first solo concert BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE 2: THE RED BULLET in Seoul, the group will be embarking on their concert tour in 5 other Asian countries from November to December.

What do you think about “Hormone War”?

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