Big Hit Entertainment confirms King-sized condom in BTS dorm photo

Right after ending promotions for their follow-up track “Hormone War,” BTS had been caught up in a small controversy after a condom had been spotted in a picture posted by member Jin. For one of the photos on their recipe blog Jin took a snapshot of his latest completed meal, Twitter fan accounts then spotted a possible King-Size condom box near the wall behind Jin; the image has spread viral online since. Big Hit Entertainment has now come forth, revealing that the condom had been nothing but a gift from a fan. The company stated that “The item in the picture is indeed a condom.  Those were presents they received from fans.

After showing step-by-step photos of his latest dinner recipe, Jin took a faraway photo of him eating at the table, with boxes and shelves behind him. However, in the left corner behind a laptop, fans have found a box for Pasante King Size Condoms. Speculation has been rising as to whether it is true or a rumor, especially as a particular fan Twitter account is seen apologizing for retweeting what was supposed to be a “joke.” Posts can be seen on her Twitter apologizing, and hoping that it wouldn’t be found out, though other commenters are found to be informing her that the image already spread viral to Korean portals.


Source: Ilgan Sports, Newstown, and BTS