BTS’s V Sang The Famous “Ramyun Song” And Fans Can’t Handle The UWU

It was the best cover of the song by far!

In the behind-the-scene episode of Run BTS! episode 85, BTS‘s V was spotted pouring his heart out with a song about Korean ramen (ramyun) in the background – while the other members discussed the origin of instant noodles.


Listen to V’s version of the song:


To some ARMYs, the song is completely foreign – but for other Korean ARMYs, this is well known as the “Ramyun Song” from an old school Korean animation Dooly the Little Dinosaur.


Originally sung by cartoon characters Michael, Heedong, and Dooly (also known as the “Nuclear Bomb And Missiles” band) for an audition, this anthem for ramyun actually has a formal title “Ramyun And Coals” and outlines the qualities that make the perfect bowl of instant noodles.

Curly, curly, curly, curly and delicious instant noodles, life is worth living because we have ramyun noodles. I can have 10 packs a day!

— “Ramyun And Coals”


ARMYs who recognized the song pointed out how adorable it is for V to know all the lyrics by heart – and for him to imitate the original song by varying his voice as per the characters. Boy, does he truly love himself some ramyun!

Source: THEQOO