Burning Hot Stage Gives Red Velvet Trouble As They Rehearse “Ice Cream Cake” For Live Concert

Netizens are poring over Red Velvet’s performance after unsuitable stage conditions made the members perform uncomfortably onstage. 

On July 7th, a netizen posted a video on Pann of Red Velvet rehearsing for their appearance at the MBC Cultural Square Festival. Although the video featured Red Velvet rehearsing for their hit track “Ice Cream Cake,” the rest of the clip focuses solely on Yerim.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.36.27 PM

According to the netizen, the stage became too hot and uncomfortable to rehearse in as an effect of the hot, summer weather. The first few seconds of the clip showed Yerim trying to maintain her position within the choreography, despite tolerating the discomfort on her knee. However, the members were eventually commended for their determination to continue rehearsing despite the hot stage.

Although the group was promote to release their second mini-album The Velvet last March, Red Velvet is also set to return for a comeback once more this July.

Source: Pann