Busker Busker’s Brad uploads selcas with Yoo Jae Suk, Ha Ha, and Fabien for SBS “Running Man”

Busker Busker‘s Brad has shared two friendly photos of himself with a few cast members of Running Man and rising model, Fabien!

On November 17th, Brad of Busker Busker uploaded two brand new photos onto his Instagram account where he, along with Yoo Jae Suk, Ha Ha, and Fabien, are all dressed in spiffy black suits.

The first photo uploaded by the drummer was a shot of himself and model Fabien facing their backs toward the camera where the famous Running Man name tags are clearly visible. The caption that was tagged along with the photo reads, “Game on!

The second shot uploaded by Brad is a selca with Ha Ha and Yoo Jae Suk where they are all smiling at the camera with a friendly vibe. Brad is seen with his arms over the two Running Man cast members while Ha Ha is shown with a small blue tag that reads, “Advancement” hanging from his suit. The caption for the second photo reads, “Nice to meet you~ #RunningMan” showing that it is the Busker Busker member’s first appearance on the popular variety program.

Many fans who came across these Instagram posts have become ecstatic to watch the new episode that will air Brad and Fabien, “I cannot wait to see this episode!” “I wonder how hilarious Brad and Fabien are going to be on here,” and, “Wow! Daebak!

Game on!

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반갑습니다~ #런닝맨 #runningman A photo posted by Brad (@goodandbrad) on

Source: Instagram