Buzzfeed chooses G-Dragon, Won Bin and EXO as “Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World” for South Korea

In a recent article by Buzzfeed, the American internet news website chose G-Dragon, Won Bin and the members of EXO as the “hottest” male celebrities in South Korea.

It’s no surprise that in a research study involving twelve different countries that the beauty standards differ greatly in each country. In the case of South Korea, Buzzfeed concluded that Hallyu (Korean Wave) was in fact a major determining factor in modern day male beauty standards in the country.

With soft features, toned and muscular bodies, and bold fashion sense, Korean celebrities G-Dragon, Won Bin, and the members of EXO highlight the elite in the country. Facial features, such as large eyes, double eyelids, and a pronounced nose with a high bridge are incredibly sought-after in Korea. With the strict beauty standards in Korea, however, the website also brought up the issue of plastic surgery, which is also very prevalent among South Korean men.

Make sure to check out the full article by Buzzfeed, as well as the video below, to find out more about male beauty standards in South Korea and all around the world!

Source: Buzzfeed