Buzzfeed’s Eugene Yang introduces K-Pop to his co-workers with a BIGBANG

Eugene Lee Yang, who has gained a massive following since he began his work on Buzzfeed videos and Buzzfeed’s Try Guys, recently introduced his friends to K-Pop and shared their excited responses on Instagram.

The video opens at the chorus of BIGBANG’s recent hit track “Bang Bang Bang” as his Buzzfeed co-workers, Quinta Brunson (known as Quinta B), Zack Evans, and Justin Tan rock out to BIGBANG’s trap drop.

His post as since been met with massive response with K-Pop fans seeing a reflection of themselves in BIGBANG’s newest fans while others have discovered K-Pop through this post.

Check out the Buzzfeed crew’s reactions in Eugene’s video. Do you remember the first time you were introduced to K-Pop?