Byul reveals that she hopes her son Dream will grow up to be like GOT7’s Junior

In a recent Instagram update, singer Byul revealed that she hopes her son Dream will grow up to be like GOT7‘s Junior.

Byul posted a photo of Junior’s scene in his recent role in My Love Eundong where he plays the younger version of Hyunsoo as the drama tells the story of the unconventional star-crossed lovers.

jr my love eun dong ft

She captioned the photo saying, “I’ve been getting pulled into this fun drama recently #MyLoveEundong That adorable child version of the character has such pretty eyes and smile. It turns out that he is #Junior from the group named #GOT7. I’ve fallen for him while watching the drama and looked him up hehehe…. He’s so good at acting.. When Eundong disappeared and Hyunsoo was sobbing and calling out ‘Eundong-ah’ I cried with him…I hope Dream grows up to be like that. So good looking ^.^”

Singer Byul married comedian and singer Haha, who is currently a fixed cast member on popular shows Running Man and Infinite Challnge, in November 2012 and had their first son Dream in July 2013. Meanwhile, Byul appeared on a recent episode of Running Man alongside her husband as they battled it out during a couples race.

Junior received a great deal of attention recently after behind-the-scenes stills revealed the idol taking on the role as a heroic teen. Meanwhile, he is currently active as the MC for Mnet M!Countdown alongside group mate Bambam as GOT7 prepares for their summer comeback, which is rumored to take place on July 6th.

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