[★VIDEO] C-Clown’s Kang Jun covers Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”

On November 16th, C-Clown announced that member Kang Jun would become the latest Korean singer to cover Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars,” a track from the OST of the movie, Begin Again.

C-Clown uploaded a short 36-second video with some behind-the-scenes footage of Kang Jun recording his cover, accompanied by the original track playing in the background. Unlike other idols, however, Kang Jun did not unexpectedly release the cover – it was announced to be released later this month.

It seems as if the the trend is still going! Among Korean singers, covering “Lost Stars” has become as much of a fad as the Harlem Shake or the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was on the internet and has already been covered by a long list of artists, including the likes of JuNCurryAhn, ProjectSH, StimMarvelCho Hyung Woo, YoonhanJuniel, KwakDongyeonSPICA.SLee Hyung WookLUNAFLYGummy, Lee SejunHan Dong GeunRoyal Pirates’ Moon, and most recently, guitar prodigy Sungha Jung.

C-Clown’s latest release was  “Let’s Love” in July, but you can catch them and their shenanigans on their YouTube series Crown the Clown.

Don’t miss Kang Jun’s rendition of the song, which is set to be released on November 23rd! For now, you can enjoy the teaser clip below!