C-CLOWN’s Rome unveils teaser clip for second project MV ft. V.HAWK’s “Rare Steak”

C-CLOWN’s Rome continues to tease fans with his upcoming film projects as D.PR (D.Pink Reel) as he unveils a teaser for his second video. 

On December 7th, Rome updated his Instagram once more with a teaser clip for upcoming artist, V.HAWK’s music video for “Rare Steak.” The short teaser clip also came with a message saying, “Rare steak! Prod. N directed by D.PR!! Dpinkreel presents rare steak chapter.2 by @hawk_v Teaser!!!! Coming soon 🙂 #romecclown #dpr #dpinkreel #raresteak #vhawk.”

This will be the second time that Rome had his touch on V.HAWK’s music video after directing and producing the video for “Pupil” released yesterday.

Meanwhile, despite being active as a member of C-CLOWN, Rome is known to have worked his way into filmmaking after previously participating in the filming and editing of C-CLOWN’s YouTube series, Crown The Clown.