C-JeS Entertainment releases statement on “Monday Couple” Song Ji Hyo and Gary’s skinship photo

C-JeS Entertainment releases an official statement with regards to the skinship photo of “Monday Couple” Song Ji Hyo and Gary circulating online. 

On January 7th, fans and netizens alike speculate on the real relationship between Running Man’s “Monday Couple” Song Ji Hyo and Gary after photos from their recent gathering circulated online, further sparking more rumours.

However, C-JeS Entertainment was quick to deny the speculations by saying that the photo was just one out of many taken during a gathering with the cast and staff of Running Man.

The agency further revealed that, “A lot of different photos were taken, but because the cast and staff are so close, this photo with a close, friendly look was taken.” 

Since the release of the photos online, fans cannot help but speculate on the close, physical contact the two have for each other as they nitpick the real motive of the photograph.

Source: TopStarNews and IlganSports