Can TWICE bring back JYP Entertainment’s prestige?

With rookie girl group TWICE gaining a lot of attention since their debut, many have been speculating whether or not they can help raise JYP Entertainment back to its former glory. 

Although JYP Entertainment is known as one of the top three entertainment companies in the industry, alongside SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, it’s become clear that the company hasn’t been performing as well as they have in the past. Despite strong performances on the charts by veteran girl groups miss A and Wonder Girls, the two groups were unable to win any trophies on music shows against popular male groups EXO and BIGBANG, respectively.

In addition, the company’s solo artist G.Soul‘s debut did not perform as well as expected, and 2PM isn’t as popular as they have been in the past. However, rookie group TWICE has showed a lot of promise since their recent debut, drawing in many new fans. Netizens reacted very strongly with the idea that TWICE can help bring JYP Entertainment back to its former glory, with many leaving their opinions on the issues through online comments.

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[+ 12344, – 1559] Didn’t they kill it this year? Got7 is doing well these days too

[+ 10219, – 1065] TWICE’s visuals are crazy…

[+ 8405, – 1236] I think they’re better than Miss A for sure although how they do from now on is more important

[+ 7250, – 788] Their music chart rankings aren’t that high but they’re so talked about and their albums are selling out really well

Source: MBN