“Cat Funeral” releases still cuts featuring Park Se Young and Super Junior’s Kangin

On December 3rd, still cuts from the upcoming movie Cat Funeral featuring actress Park Se Young and Super Junior‘s Kangin were released.

The movie revolves around a pair of ex-lovers (played by Park Se Young and Kangin) who raised a cat together when they were still together. After years apart, the two finally reunite upon the death of the cat, and a revival of the romance ensues.

The still cuts were taken from a scene involving the beginning of the couple’s relationship, as the aforementioned cat was just a kitten, and the two still seemed very much in love. Park Se Young and Kangin showed strong chemistry in the two cuts, and appeared very comfortable despite their close proximity.

Cat Funeral marks the second lead role for the Super Junior member, who played a main character in the 2008 movie Hello, Schoolgirl. The movie is also the second lead film role for Park Se Young, who starred in the movie Fashion King, which was released earlier in the year in November. The movie Cat Funeral is set to be released in January of 2015.

Source: Chosun Ilbo