Cha Seung Won makes an appearance in London

Actor Cha Seung Won has been spotted in London flashing his model-like looks! Reportedly, the actor attended an event that took place in London for a fashion brand. His tall and slim model figure as well as his sophisticated suit look have attracted the public’s heart and attention once again.

On January 11th, Cha Seung Won posted two black and white photos of himself in London. The captions noted, “London. Alfredo. Dunhill Fashion Show” and humorously mentioned, “But soon Man Jae Do (Korean island).

In the photos, Cha Seung Won charmingly sported his chic suit. The netizens felt his flawless visuals did not fall behind the foreign celebrities and models. The star looked relaxed wearing a black suit and cherished his last night in the city with River Thames in the background.

In other news, Cha Seung Won will be featured on the fishing village segment of variety program Three Meals a Day, taking place at a Korean island, Man Jae Do. The episode will air at 9:45pm KST on January 16th.

Source: Dispatch