Chad Future Impresses With Unique Cover You Wouldn’t Expect

Chad Future has blown away fans and critics alike in his latest video, an inspirational cover of Big Sean‘s “One Man Can Change The World.” 

Released on March 21st, the video captures the essence of the lyrics as it flawlessly transitions from scenes of Chad Future and his team rapping, singing, and playing their instruments to dancers moving sensually to the song.

The soft, single lighting in the video contributes to the inspirational message of the song as Chad Future’s lyrical cover drives home the meaning of the lyrics.

This latest cover is a step away from Chad Future’s usual projects, allowing the artist to tune into another different aspect of his music. Previously, Chad Future has released English covers of K-Pop songs, including VIXX‘s “Error“, EXO‘s “Wolf” and “Overdose,” B.A.P‘s “ONE SHOT,” and a collaboration with NU’EST‘s Aron.

Check out his cover below!