Chancellor and Bumkey collaborate to represent LA with track “Son E Ga”

Duble Sidekick producer and artist Chancellor has finally released his own neo soul track, titled “Son E Ga” with Bumkey!

Chancellor, formerly known as One Way Chance, released his first digital single with artist Bumkey. As a producer for Duble Sidekick Entertainment, Chancellor, under the name Mikey, has produced various hit songs including A Pink’s “Mr. Chu,” SISTAR’s “Loving You,” “Give It To Me,” and “Shake It,” and Girl’s Day’s “Something”.

Earlier we reported that Chancellor confirmed his departure from group One Way through a letter to the fans.

On September 8th, Chancellor released his digital single “Son E Ga” featuring artist Bumkey. The title “Son E Ga” can be explained as “Hands Go Wild” or translated to being prone to touch with hands. In the track, the two artists show off their soulful voices with contemporary R&B beats throughout the neo-soul song. Although Chancellor has featured in songs such as MC Mong’s “Love Mash” and has released tracks such as a “Loving You” R&B cover and OSTs for Korean dramas, “Son E Ga” is his first official digital single.

The two artists have known each other long before they decided to move to South Korea to chase their dreams to become artists. After keeping close contact over the years doing their own activities, they were finally able to fulfill their promise of collaborating to represent LA together one day. The music video “Son E Ga” was produced and directed by Kim Jong Wan who is known to have directed music videos for artists such as SISTAR, Girls’ Day, MC Mong, NS Yoon G and other famous artists.

Check out the music video for “Son E Ga” and his past works!


Source: X Sports, Youtube