Chancellor (One Way’s Chance) confirms departure from One Way in letter to fans

Chancellor writes a letter to fans in the midst of his upcoming debut regarding his recent activities and departure from One Way.

Chancellor, previously known as Chance under the group One Way, wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans regarding his current musical situation. Many fans wondered what happened to the group, although some knew that he was producing music under Duble Sidekick Entertainment under the name Mikey and has produced various hit songs including A Pink’s “Mr. Chu,” SISTAR’s “Loving You,” “Give It To Me,” and “Shake It,” Girl’s Day’s “Something,” and many other hit songs.

This is the first time a member of group One Way has released an official statement regarding their whereabouts. Chancellor explains the group’s situation as well as his album that is planned to be released on September 8th. In preparation for his upcoming debut, Chancellor also made an appearance on a recent episode of King of Masked Singer which surprised many viewers and celebrity panelists.

Here is the full letter by Chancellor himself via Twitter.

“Letter from Mikey. 

Dear all my followers, friends, fans and one loves, It’s been a long time. This is Chance (Mikey), a.k.a Chancellor. I am writing here to break the long silence about what’s been going on with myself, ONE WAY and my music career.

It is amazing how it’s been short 5 years already since the last music release of “ONE WAY” took place. Most of you have acknowledged that I’ve been a part of a music producing team DUBLE KICK, while being absent from group activities (ONE WAY). Many people have been asking about my position in ONE WAY. It really saddens me to say but unfortunately I have parted my ways with the group. This was not an easy decision to come to but after some time it became clear that this was right for me. I love ONE WAY from the bottom of my heart. The journey we had has become the background to my music. It was amazing to travel overseas, meet fans around the world.

I still remember the sight of our first overseas performance in Manila. It blew our minds because we’ve never had a full house gig before. The warm hospitality wherever we go, sleepless studio times, chatting on Twitter with fans, the TV show appearances, (good ones and the bad ones) I loved it all. But at a certain point, we were faced to deal with many problematic issues with the former company. Being with Peter and Sky was my daily life. It was always a joy goofing around. It was us just being us. They were true friends and I consider myself very lucky to have good memories with them.

To think about it now, all the arguing and hard times in the studio were my favorite part, because that’s what made our music amazing and the results were bangin. And nothing to blame. Our musical differences and backgrounds existed. The directions were pointing differently and slowly it all led to where we are today. Of course everything for a better cause in every way. We wish the best for each other with nothing but mutual respect and love. I guess it took me this long to say this to you guys but because maybe I was afraid of letting anyone down. And I didn’t want to harm what we had achieved and worked so hard for with ONE WAY. In the end, I am so proud being in part of a very talented group and leading it was a very important point of my life.

When I decided to leave, I wanted a new goal for my life. That next step was to share my talent and produce music for artists in Korea. That was when the DUBLE KICK chapter began. For many years now, I’ve been dedicated in making hit records for the K-pop industry. The hard work paid off and it brought recognition, happiness, respect, and stability. But amongst all the proudness and joy, there was always that ‘something’ missing. MY OWN MUSIC.

I don’t think I’ve ever considered or titled myself as anything. A composer, a hit maker or even a celebrity. All my life, I did it for the love of music. I was just doing what I loved the most. I was an artist being himself. Since last year, I have been working on something on my own. Making sure to make up for all those years I had spent producing music for others. I have been preparing to get back to my listeners, my fans.

This is where a new journey begins. I am very excited to announce that I am officially returning with my own music with an album entitled MY FULL NAME. I will be releasing the first single from the album SON E GA featuring a very special artist, this September 8th.

Thank you for standing by until this time. As much as the time that took place in making of this album, I won’t let you guys down. No, not with music. So here we are all, reading my honest letter that I’m writing in the middle of the night. This is me reaching out to you guys again. Just like how we started while back and any other journeys we had. You guys have been the energy from the darkest days to my happiest moments, always supporting me and sending me cheerful words to get by. I hope you guys enjoy my new album. And I promise there will be no more long waited interval between my music. Thank you for reading my letter and please share this with your friends.
Thank you, and one love.

Yours truly,