Chances of H.O.T starring in Infinite Challenge’s “TOTOGA” remain slim

On MBC’s weekly show Three Wheels, Moon Hee Jun revealed the reason as to why H.O.T cannot participate in “TOTOGA.”

MBC’s popular variety show Infinite Challenge has spurred the 90s retro syndrome back to K-Pop with its recent segment of “Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (TOTOGA).” Many fans are wondering if more of their old school favorite singers and idols will appear in the show, but it seems like H.O.T has a slim chance of starring in “TOTOGA.”

On a January 24th episode of Three Wheels, Moon Hee Joon mentioned, “H.O.T members have been talking about coming together with ‘TOTOGA.’ However, it is very difficult to arrange because I am the MC for KBS-2TV’s ‘Immortal Song,’ which airs on the same time. I feel like it is inappropriate to even ask for their consent and understanding.”

While Shin Dong Yeop agreed that, “It is unavoidable with business morality,” Kim Jung Nam humorously said his disagreement, “Even if the country wants to see you guys?” and turned the set into laughter.

Meanwhile, Three Wheels airs every Saturday night at 11.15PM (KST).

Source: news1