Chanyeol asks for EXO-L’s support for EXO’s comeback

After teasing fans with news of their comeback for 2015 through a special video teaser, EXO’s Chanyeol further interacts with EXO-L’s on his personal Instagram account.

On December 4th, just hours after news about EXO’s return was released, Chanyeol posted a photo of their logo on one of his posts on Instagram. The update came with a heartfelt caption asking for their fans’ support saying, “Once again, to all the EXO-L’s that we love, the staff, and the manager hyungs and noonas that suffered much for us and shone a light on us we sincerely thank you and EXO-L just needs to believe us and follow us ok? I love you vey much<3.”

Earlier today, EXO made a special announcement at the 2014 MAMA in Hong Kong as they release the first video teaser confirming their return. The teaser was then followed by a special performance from the group, where they performed “Black Pearl,” Tell Me What is Love,” “Deep Breath” and “Overdose.”

They were also awarded “Best Asian Style,” “Best Asian Artists – Korea,” “Best Male Group,” “Daesang – Artist of the Year” and “Daesang – Album of the Year” at the prestigious awards ceremony.