EXO’s Chanyeol posts a vague but heartwarming message to EXO-Ls

EXO’s Chanyeol sends a loving message to their loyal EXO-Ls on his recent posts on his Instagram account.

In the midst of fans confused and frustrated with the release of Tao’s solo album, one of Chanyeol’s recent posts were being discussed to have been a reaction the recent situation.

Breaking his silence through his personal Instagram account, Chanyeol made a vague but heartwarming post saying, “All of you are having a difficult time, angry and even frustrated right? We will give you all warm hugs and comfort you through this, so please just always trust us, watch good things and speak good things from now on. You all remember what i said before right? I promise that you will only get to love at ease from now on :),” cheering his fans on with the small gesture. The caption was uploaded with the official logo of the group.

Due to the coincidence in timing, fans have speculated that the post was aimed as a response to Tao’s recent album release.