Chinese boxing show “Brave Heart” ft. 2PM’s Nichkhun achieves 3rd in ratings

The Chinese show Brave Heart, which features 2PM‘s Nichkhun as one of four boxing managers, managed to achieve 3rd in viewership for its time slot in China after just two episodes. 

Brave Heart most likely drew a lot of attention for being the first show of its kind in China – a reality show about boxing.

The show revolves around 20 different boxers divided into four teams, each with one manager including Nichkhun. The job of the manager is to help the boxers train and focus, as well as give them support during matches. The role definitely fits the “beastly-idol” title synonymous to Nichkhun and the other members of 2PM. The final winner of the show will be awarded a lucrative contract and and the WBC Boxing Championship Belt.

Meanwhile, Nichkhun and his group members are currently on their world tour, titled “Go Crazy”, which recently finished its stop in Thailand and is set to come to the United States in November.

The reality show had its first episode air on October 5th. Brave Heart airs Sundays at 9PM on the Chinese broadcasting station, Beijing Satellite Television.

Source: The Star