Chinese netizens boycott JYP following Tzuyu scandal

With Chinese broadcasting stations boycotting JYP Entertianment girl group TWICE after Tzuyu appeared on a broadcast holding the Taiwanese flag, Chinese netizens have followed suit by boycotting the company altogether. 

After Tzuyu was criticized by opponents of Taiwanese independence and subsequently removed from all broadcasts in the People’s Republic of China, JYP Entertainment made a public announcement emphasizing the young singer’s age and halting all plans for the group to promote in China. Despite these measures, however, Chinese netizens have continued their attack the idol, and are now calling for a boycott against JYP Entertainment as a whole.

Supporters of the One-China policy, which includes the view that Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China rather than an independent state, have started using the hashtag #boycottJYP on Chinese social media platform Weibo. In response to the hashtag trend, however, Korean netizens have condemned Chinese media and netizens for being small-minded and trying to destroy Tzuyu’s career and reputation.

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[+ 3376, – 146] What are these Chinese pigs doing over one young girl. Does this achieve anything?

[+ 2695, – 95] Crazy Chinese people ㅋㅋ They’re cracking down on her for using the Taiwanese flag. Such elegant people.

[+ 2211, – 82] The class of China

Source: TV Report