Chinese Netizens discuss the “Monday Couple” after news of Song Ji Hyo’s breakup

On July 10th, it was revealed that Song Ji Hyo has ended her contract with C-JeS Entertainment as well as her relationship with the CEO.

Shortly after the announcement, Chinese Netizens took to Weibo to express their views on the news, focusing on the breakup of Song Ji Hyo and C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO. In particular, they discussed the chance of the “Monday Couple,” a long existing on-screen couple consisting of Song Ji Hyo and Gary on Running Man, becoming a reality.

The Chinese Netizens left comments as follows:

1. [+2613] Actually, after watching Running Man for a long time, [you can tell] that the chance of Ji Hyo and Gary getting together is low.

2. [+1717] Ji Hyo is Gary Oppa’s. Ji Hyo is Gary Oppa’s. Ji Hyo is Gary Oppa’s.

3. [+1610] Speechless. The “Monday Couple” [came about] due to the show’s needs….although the cast members of Running Man must get along well, the couple’s fans should stop forcing them to be together.

4. [+1249] [My] first reaction is that [Ji Hyo] and Gary have a chance!!! “Monday Couple” daebak!!!!

5. [+964] I knew people would bring up the “Monday Couple” for sure.

Source: Weibo