Chinese Netizens mock Tao’s Instagram while praising Lay and rest of EXO

EXO has been an ongoing hot topic with the recent announcement of a repackage album and the uncertainty surrounding Tao’s status, and many Chinese netizens have expressed their opinion on Weibo.

In the morning of May 28th, Sina posted Tao’s Instagram update on its Weibo. The Instagram update contained a photo of Tao and his mother, with the caption, “I love my family I’ll stay with you forever <3” Upon reading the post, Chinese netizens reacted strongly with the following comments:

[+517] I really think he looks ugly. Makes me think of the boys in junior high who smoke and look at the mirror everyday, pretending they look cool.

[+494] Am I the only one who thinks this was photoshopped?

[+418] He looks like he’s from a village. How did he get famous?

[+398] Honestly, this was not photoshopped?

[+373] He must treat his work with respect…he didn’t forget to put on makeup even while resting hahaha.

[+344] He is using his family as a shield again.

At around the same time, it was announced that EXO will be coming back with Love Me Right. In contrast to Tao’s post, the responses have been positive, especially towards member Lay (Yixing) and Sehun:

[+456] Friends, place your bets! The battle in June, I have my money on EXO!

[+411] “Promise”!!! Yixing!

[+392] Oh Sehun! The athletic boy is so handsome! #SEHUN# #OhSehun#

[+392] Looking forward to it!! Zhang Yixing’s “Promise”!!! EXO-Ls’ promise!!!! Zhang Yixing’s athletic style is so handsome

[+362] Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun

[+339] Looking forward looking forward. Looking forward to Oh Sehun. Looking forward to OT9’s comeback.

Source: Weibo (1 and 2)